Episode: Choose Your Story- Cheat Book Guide

episode choose your story cheats

Looking for any visual story gaming app?  Well, play Episode: choose your story game and enjoy the tremendous life of the virtual world.  It is a freemium game and available for both iOS and android devices. Basically, the game is based on the living the life of the character as well as making the life decision in the story.

Numerous stories are offered by the game, and users have to choose one of them in order to commence the game. It also allows the gamer to create a story and publish it on the app. In addition, they can also share the story on the social media such as Facebook, email, Twitter and any other desired media, whereas utilize the episode choose your story hack in order to enhance the views on the stories. Episode: choose your story creator offer the players, celebrity status by rating their stories and showing it on the trending section.

How To Create The Story

To begin with, the Episode: choose your story is an android and iOS storytelling greatest network, which offers interactive visual stories.  However, commencing a story in Episode- Choose Your Story game is really easy, and developers have given the character behind the game two ways and user has to choose the one path in order to make the story move forward.

Recent episode choose your story review have shown that, the game has become the world’s largest community of interactive stories as well as storyteller.  Over billions of users have viewed the stories till now.

Furthermore, to fabricate the story, follow the following steps to understand the procedure conveniently.

  • Open the game and click on the top left option of the screen, it will lead you to the menu.
  • Afterwards, scroll down till end of the menu.
  • Click the “Create” option to start the story editor mode.
  • Utilize the option to fabricating a new story. Moreover, players can also publish the story after completing it.

Content Manual For Story

Due to the content rules and regulations of the game, there are lots players facing problems while creating the story.  However, some of the users especially beginners are unable to understand the reason of not publishing their story on the app.

That’s why, some of the objectionable things are given below in order to support the players create stories without facing any complications.

  • Users are not allowed to promote any sorts of suicide, self-harm, abuse, or bullying in the story.
  • No excessive violence towards the human, any religion or animals.
  • Sexual content in the dialogue or in phrase are entered in the objectionable things criteria.
  • To overcome these problem use episode choose your story guide to understand the rules more specifically.

In addition, while submitting the story or fabricating the story, make sure that your story following the rules and regulation of the game or not.  The story will not be published if the gamer did not follow the terms and conditions.  On the flip side, if users still could not understand the objectionable content in the story, then send it to the creators in order to review the content and overcome the problems.

Episode Choose Your Story Tips And Tricks

In the recent years, there are lots of games have been released for the gamers in order to entertain them in the spare time. Episode: choose your story is one of them and entertaining over millions of users through its interesting and magnificent interactive visual stories.

In this game, players can create their own innovative stories and can post it on the app, but due to the content rules lots of players are facing many complications. That’s why utilize episode choose your story tips and publish the story.  There are lots of options available and through this you attain enough knowledge to post the story on the game.

One of the alternative ways is Episode: choose your story private server app. In this private server game, create the story and publish it in order to check the objectionable things without getting deleted.  It is the right manner to analyze the content of the episode and most importantly, it offers the players to post even a single episode in the private mod game.

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